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 So, you don’t consider yourself an artist but you know that you have a spark of creativity inside you that is dying to get out? Do you like to play with things like paper, paint and pens? Would you like to disconnect from your daily tasks and take a moment to answer the call of your heart and soul? I have a series of adult workshops that will not only uncover your hidden creativity and your inner, child artist, but provide you with ways to honor and remember important life experiences, help you connect to the natural world and express yourself through images and words. Best of all, in these workshops there’s no way to make a mistake!


Treat yourself to some “soul food” in relaxing, inspiring sessions with kindred, creative spirits. Explore a variety of art journaling techniques and create gorgeous starter pages for your journals, write beautiful prose and poetry without being afraid of the blank page and tap into your creative being with fear-free, open-ended mediums in a no-pressure environment.


We will gather together, as creative beings, in a place where curiosity is more important than having gone to art school!

Curiosity Drawing

Schedule a “LIVE LIVELY”

Creativity Workshop!


New for 2013! A unique, new class called “Live Lively.” This is a customized, two hour class that you can host at your home, church, synagogue, community center or, really, any venue of your choosing. Make it a reunion, make it a party, make it a spiritual gathering, make it whatever you’d like! We can discuss the needs of your group and come up with projects and activities that will work for everyone.


I bring all the supplies and you and your guests will experience a casual, low-key, art and creativity workshop where we will explore drawing, painting, collage & journaling. Writing exercises will include prompts for lyrical poetry as well as playful language games that can improve all types of writing, both professional and recreational.


The focus of these sessions will be on personal expression for the creative, artist or non-artist and on positive affirmations for healthy minds and spirits. Each class will also include instruction on relaxation through mindfulness, meditation and guided imagery. Tap into your inner creativity and use it to improve the quality of your life!


$500.00 *Basic Workshop Fee Includes:

  • My 30 minute set-up of materials for participants.
  • 2 hours instructional/workshop session.
  • 30 minute clean-up and book sale/signing, if desired.
  • Complete workshop materials for up to 25 people. (Additional attendees $10.00 each, up to 50 total maximum.)
  • Access to online handouts with all activities and links.
  • Sessions scheduled in a series of 3 or more will receive a 10% discount and all sessions will be varied.

*How to make this affordable? A group of 25 people could have a “supply” or “admission” of $20 per person for this type of workshop. Alternately, an organization could underwrite the entire program OR a portion of the fee and charge participants a nominal materials fee.

NOTE: Additional mileage fees apply in locations that are greater than 40 miles from Flemington, NJ or for locations that require overnight accommodations. This program is available in all-day and multi-day formats, as well as at locations throughout the US and beyond. If you are interested in out of state/country scheduling, please contact me so that we may discuss your particular needs.

Questions? Availability? Email me:



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  1. cheryl carmichael says:

    Can you do this on the west coast? Cheryl

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