Monday #40: Get Fresh


Ah, spring. It’s the season of renewal, rebirth and freshness. Greens and yellows and pinks replace grays and browns, rain falls down to wash away the winter, rejuvenate the soil and bring forth new sprouts. Weather is unpredictable which makes me think of “fresh”–as in Mother Nature not caring a bit that we want to wear our new sandals and sundresses. She is taking advantage of Spring. She is getting fresh with us!

I’ve been getting  fresh too. I’m llooking at my career and trying to see the ways I can expand what I do, thinking about my art and learning new ways to use it. I’ve been taking classes and attending conferences and events. Most of all, I’ve decided that I don’t want to be classified as just a children’s book author or just a painter or just an instructor–or just anything. My “work” in this life, is as varied and dynamic as the seasons and, rather than keep trying to fit myself into some definition of what I “do,” I’m embracing all the parts and letting them all live together in harmony.

And, so, drum roll, please… I’m rolling out my new website, I have been thinking and talking about a new site for almost three years and, finally, I decided to do something about it. It is still under construction–indeed, in order to stay fresh, it will always  be under construction, but I’m pleased to be sharing this new little sprout. It represents, for the first time, all the things I do in this world. When I figure out how to let you guys subscribe, I plan to move the blog over. I don’t fancy myself an IT expert, by any stretch of the imagination and, admittedly, I would have posted there today if I could have figured it out!! But, that’s OK. I once thought I’d have to have everything all put together before I announced anything like a new site but I’m feeling good about making small steps. Small steps are definitely in order for this project. Breathe and move forward one bit at a time.

But, now, enough about me… what about you? What in your life could use a little freshening up? When is the last time you thought about actually making a change in some part of your life and, moreover, why didn’t you? We are all so full of dreams, so full of plans. We dream and plan big, don’t we? But we often put our dreams and plans on hold because there never seems to be enough… enough what? Time, money, time, money, time, time, time.


Think about something that you want to change or do in your life. Think about that thing that has been on your mind so long–that thing you always push aside because you’ve convinced yourself it’s too hard, too complicated, too overwhelming. It could be silly thing, like a website, or it could be something much more deep and emotional.

Begin to imagine what it might feel like to be on the other side. For just a moment, put aside all the fears that keep you from moving forward and quiet the voice that tells you all the reasons you can’t do what you so desire. Now, ask yourself this question: What one, small thing could I do right now to begin the motion of this change?

Let it be so small that someone might laugh at your “progress.” Maybe it will take 20 seconds. Maybe it will even take less. But, it will be done. Tomorrow, think of the next small thing…

It’s springtime, my friends. Get fresh!

TRY THIS WEEK: Think of your small step toward fresh changes.


About Dar Hosta James

I am an artist living in New Jersey. I write and illustrate children's books, paint, draw, blog, coach, teach and speak about creativity.
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