Monday #21: Healthy Thoughts

When I am stumped for a Monday Blog topic, I often turn to health and fitness. During the first year of this blog, my post on the beginning of my running habit was the most read post and I think that it can probably be said that many of my posts relate to the health of the mind and the spirit. Living on the east coast, I am a Times reader and one of the ways I consume news is to hit up the Top 10 list that is constantly being updated on the home page. There is rarely a day that goes by when there isn’t at least one fitness (body or mind) story in the list. Last week, everyone and their brother was reading an article on the physical pitfalls of yoga (hey, I like yoga alright but, truthfully, reverse warrior never feels good to me) and, today, the number seven slot is occupied by an interesting column on anxiety. People may not always do the right things to be fit, but we sure do like to think about it.

And, despite the fact that the horrible Friday song by Rebecca Black dominated search engines for the better part of a year, I was thrilled to stumble upon the Times’ roundup for the top health articles for 2011. I love the Health section at the Times and I always find a fascinating blend of information on mind and body fitness there as well as a wealth of ideas for eating and cooking. Last year, top diet searches revolved around lower carb, higher protein intake, hot themes were meditation, self-compassion and exercise in middle age and beyond. Stories on our personal relationships were very popular, with an article called The Happy Marriage is the ‘Me’ Marriage coming in as the all time top read article of the Times for 2011.

Yes, I was a little stumped for today’s blog and I will admit that if not for my little pop-up reminder, I might have completely forgotten it was Monday! But, thinking and living healthy is always a good thing. Feed your mind on some of these great articles this week, Friends. Be well.

TRY THIS WEEK: Think about the ways you live healthy.

About Dar Hosta James

I am an artist living in New Jersey. I write and illustrate children's books, paint, draw, blog, coach, teach and speak about creativity.
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