Monday #36: Flowers, Shells & Seeds

Do you sometimes feel like life is rushing past, as you frantically fly by the seat of your pants?  Have you, like me, lost track of the day of the week lately and can you believe we’ve made it into May when it seems impossible that we’ve actually gotten through another winter?  Are you getting your recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night, or do you hit the pillow exhausted and wake up startled, four or five hours later, afraid you are already running late and planning what you will have to tell someone about something that should have been done but isn’t?  Can it possibly already be Monday and was there really just a weekend?!?

Lately I’ve been running at break-neck, my friends.  So, how would you like to just space out with me for a moment this morning?  How about three moments?  I promise they will be short.  I told you last week about my new sketchbook.  It’s pretty therapeutic and I highly recommend getting one, sitting down with a pencil and a pen–maybe some watercolors–and getting completely Zen for about 20 minutes whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.  The calming power of drawing is awesome.


It’s totally true that weeds are just misplaced wildflowers.  Many of them are truly dandy.

That is something you can feel good about.

Some seashells come from faraway places, floating through vast oceans to live in unexpected places, like potted plants.

When they live in potted plants, very, very, teeny, tiny bugs might make their home inside… you could possibly even see them come out and crawl up the spiral to the tippy top of the shell.  If you were watching, that is.

The Ivory Nut Palm, which only grows in the rainforest of South America, makes a seed called the Tagua nut.  When the husk is pulled away from the seed, it leaves behind beautiful, tree-like markings on its surface.

When these marking are removed, the Tagua seed is a smooth and white and looks like a small, bird’s egg.

Looking at them, they seem as though they would be heavy, but they are light and feel nice in your hand.

You can carve these seeds into small objects or beads to make jewelry. But, they are beautiful without changing them at all.

Life might actually be too short to not take time out and notice the smallest of things.  It’s probably best not to take your chances.  You might miss out.

TRY THIS WEEK: Grab your twenty minutes, friends.

About Dar Hosta James

I am an artist living in New Jersey. I write and illustrate children's books, paint, draw, blog, coach, teach and speak about creativity.
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2 Responses to Monday #36: Flowers, Shells & Seeds

  1. Kathy McNeil says:

    what an idea. what bliss. Semester ends tomorrow, so I’m already lining up my summer projects. Can’t wait!

  2. It is a great story post, thank for the blogger to let me feel nice and comfortable. Looking forward to your next post.

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